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We held the 1st Annual Water Festival in Chester, Pennsylvania.

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National Activation Events

We are conducting a series of activation events around the country in collaboration with multiple partners, including the African American Mayors Association, The Boys & Girls Clubs and dozens of school districts nationwide. An activation event involves rallying communities in a fun, happy setting to engage, inspire and educate.

At each event we have food, games and we establish a free college fund for each child, seeded to date with capital from Sootchy and its partners

Sootchy Activations


Through our local and national partnerships, we are able to reach millions of underserved children; and are continually looking to form partnerships that advance our goals of breaking generational cycles of poverty by getting 12.6 underrepresented children a higher education with no student loans.

Partnerships we are interested in include those that give us the following: 

1-Access to underserved children. (the poor, foster kids, group homes, homeless children, refugees, children with incarcerated parents, and orphans including those who have lost parents to gang violence). Potential partners include inner city school districts (with a high number of kids on free & reduced lunch), social organization (like the Boys Scout), after school programs etc...

2-Access to funding. Many of our target audience not only lack access to a college fund, they also lack the ability to afford to save within the fund. Sootchy invests its own seed capital to give the children a start. We are seeking philanthropic organizations, charities, foundations, and other well-meaning organizations interested in helping the underserved break out of their cycles of poverty through the power of education and financial literacy.

3-Spread the word. We are looking for partners who can help us spread the word and continue to build momentum; because we believe that God distributed talent equally, but not opportunity. And no child should be penalized because of the zip code they were unlucky to be born into. This includes influencers, celebrities, sports figures and the press.

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