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VP, Engineering

Reports To:
Leads Team:
6+ (Mix of Senior and Junior Engineers in multiple locations)
$240,000 - $400,000 (Combination of salary & equity)
Los Angeles (We’re based in LA, and we have a Hybrid office)
Sootchy, Inc.
Startup Stage:


  • You have a brilliant and curious mind
  • You have a desire to have an impact — no matter how small or large — on how our world operates 
  • You have successfully led engineering teams in early stage startup(s) by bringing a concept to market and scale
  • You will be able to create flow charts and data flow diagrams from a given requirement so that it can be converted into technical designs
  • You have fintech experience and are confident with the technical implementations
  • You catch confusion and bottlenecks on your team and address them before they become blockers
  • You recognize and intervene when teammates are underperforming, earning their respect for your leadership, while driving them to build on time and on spec.
  • You have negotiated product release deadlines to be ambitious but realistic, leading the team to hustle to meet deadlines while continuing to boost team morale

Our Ideal Candidate

If you have the right level of FinTech experience and any subset of the following skills: EdTech, AI, AR/VR or gaming, you just might be the 1 out of 10,000 candidates we are looking for.

In this role, you'll often find yourself...

  • Advising and implementing software architecture and product roadmapping
  • Writing and testing scalable code to demonstrate best practices and lead by example
  • Leading software sprints and mentoring Junior Engineers
  • Working closely with the CEO/Head of Product to realize the product vision
  • Designing and developing our software deployment strategy
  • Collaborating with key teammates (CEO, Head of Product, Junior Software Engineers, Lead Designer)
  • Integrating with existing codebase and advocating for how to develop it going forward
  • Supporting build vs. buy decision for service product features and helping negotiate partnerships with service providers that integrate with the Sootchy product

About Us

Sootchy is a dynamic, focused, funded, goal-oriented and happy company singularly focused on our God-given mission of “ending long-term poverty”. We do this by activating the singular and most powerful nucleus we know — our communities. We leverage the cumulative power and resources of all levels of the state, federal and local governments, coupled with the resources of some of the world’s largest and most diverse groups of private and public foundations and employers. Driven by the dogmatic efficiency of a dynamic fintech / edtech startup, we aim to leverage the untapped potential of our clients: the 12.6M underserved and underprivileged children living in poverty today, enabling them the access, opportunity, financing, and literacy needed to attain any of these 4 goals by Age 24:

  1. A 2 year community and/or 4-year college degree 
  2. A qualified apprenticeship or other work training program 
  3. Ownership of a small business
  4. Buying a first home or real estate investment property 

Why Apply

Having an impact on the world requires a wild imagination and extraordinary dedication. We have both. We hope you do too. Sootchy is an equal employment opportunity employer, and we love diversity, so women, people-of-color and other minority groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Get in touch and let’s build a better tomorrow.
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