Meet Our Team Members

Our team has the technical knowledge and experience to surpass your expectations

David Adefeso

Founder & CEO

At 21 years old I boarded an airplane to New York. I had $250 in cash, no friends and no job. Now I feel I have achieved the American dream but it came at a price: $125,800 in student debt to earn a Harvard MBA. I paid mine off only because I got incredibly lucky with a terrific Wall Street Investment Banking job right after graduating from Harvard advising some of the world’s largest companies on multi-billion dollar mergers, acquisitions and financing.

Most of our children never get that lucky. Many will graduate with student loans equivalent to a mortgage on a starter home. That loan will constrain their choices in life. They will delay buying a home, starting their own business, working for a charity they are passionate about, and even starting their own family and kids.

We want our children making those choices because it’s the right decision for them at that point in their lives rather than because of the noose of student debt they carry everywhere. That’s why I created Sootchy.

The last 16 years of corporate and personal financial planning experience I’ve had solving financial problems for many American families has shown me, pretty clearly, that the answer is actually very simple, and it’s been in front of us all this time; we’ve just had our eyes closed.

Nate Ahn

Lead UX Designer

Nate is a tri-lingual user experience and design wizard, with extensive experience in the advertising and marketing space. He has created full-scale media campaigns, aligning every asset to achieve the marketing goal.

His past clients include Hyundai Motors, GENESIS, Korean Air, BBCN Bank. Nate earned his BA in Visual Communication Design from KyungHee University in Seoul, Korea.

Argi Avetisyan

Lead Software Engineer

Argi builds the technology platform that powers Sootchy. As Lead Software Engineer he tackles the back-end challenges that make it easier for families to open a 529 investment account and start saving for their child’s education.

Argi has spent his career developing software solutions that improve people’s lives. Before joining Sootchy he worked for a health tech company where he led the rebuild of a medical records management system to increase the efficiency of healthcare practice operations. He’s excited to be part of solving the student loan crisis, one code at a time.

Alex Lazarian

Content Creator

Alex creates content to power families with information about Sootchy and the investment world. As Sootchy’s Content Creator he is in charge of visuals, filming and graphics for Sootchy’s social media channels.

Alex has an expansive range of experience in the social media space. He previously worked at a social media agency creating content to engage audiences in e-commerce and the food industry. Alex recognized the huge burden of taking on student loans when he moved to the U.S. to pursue college 3 years ago and believes Sootchy’s is a life changing resource to achieve the American Dream.

Chimereze Oji


Oji leads Sootchy’s technology vision and oversees development, technical design and the innovation road map. He utilizes lean management strategies to direct the strategic growth of the platform.

Prior to joining Sootchy Oji founded an automation engineering business, helping clients and customers optimize systems for better performance. Oji graduated from the University of Missouri with a B.S. in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering.

Chin Gregory


Chin started his adult life as a professional rugby player. Since leaving professional sports in 2006, Chin has been at the forefront of digital marketing with his focus on customer acquisition for eCommerce brands.

He is a Facebook and Google marketing partner and generates millions of dollars in online sales each year.

Chin will be using his wealth of experience and wisdom to ensure Sootchy builds an unforgettable brand, while becoming integral to the lives of millions of Americans.

Sargon Saadi

Software Engineer

Sargon is a full-stack Software Engineer working collaboratively on every aspect of the development process.

In addition to his certificates in Web Development and AWS, he obtained a BA in Cinematography from Columbia College Chicago where he produced multiple documentaries in war-torn countries to raise awareness about the persecuted ethnic minorities.

Working with Sootchy is an extension of his drive to make a difference in the lives of many people. He is proud to be part of bringing Sootchy to future generations.