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Give America's Youth A Fighting Chance By Funding Their Future

Modern Technology Creates A Prosperous Path for Youth Education


Underserved children in United States


Lower college enrollment rate for children of color


Of lost potential earnings per uneducated adult life


Of college savings is enough to kickstart a wealthy life

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Who do we do it for?

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Kids & Families

We address long-term generational poverty and wealth disparity, particularly among Black and Hispanic communities in the U.S. Sootchy focuses on providing access to underserved children, providing access, financing, and financial literacy to empower them to pursue higher education, ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty and contributing to closing the wealth gap in America.

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Poverty is objectively linked to various socioeconomic conditions. We are working to end poverty through an increase in economic mobility. By addressing childhood poverty and correcting the misallocation of labor, Sootchy is spearheading a necessary shift in the distribution of responsibility when it comes to presenting youth in underserved cities with higher education opportunities.

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Partners play a crucial role in supporting the Sootchy Education Program's mission to empower underserved children to pursue higher education. The funding structure involves employer matches, contributions from foundations and non-profit organizations through Sootchy Charitable Foundation, government funding, parent contributions, and family & friends gifting.

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In the media

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“This partnership with Sootchy enhances our ability to provide resources to help our students succeed.”
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“By investing minimal amounts — just $4 a month or $50 a year, for instance — friends and family members can set their loved ones up for success”
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“Sootchy is a simple, user-friendly fintech app that allows families to save money for their children’s education”

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