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College Education Without Student Loans or Debt

Sootchy started with the idea that our children could enjoy higher education, without the crippling debt that comes with student loans.

So we combined AI enhanced financial planning, the power of community and tax efficient incentives to remove the need for student loans.

Launching in 2020, our app will be available for all parents trying to save for college.

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How Sootchy Works

Open 529 investment account

No more cumbersome application.
Sootchy Makes It easy.

Receive gifts from friends and family

A gifting platform that helps you exchange gifts to dollars for college.

Watch your money grow tax-free

As the market grows, your money grows and can be used tax free for college!

"It Takes A Village To Raise A Child"

One of the coolest parts about Sootchy is the ease at which you can involve friends & Family.

With just the push of a button, family and friends can donate to your child’s fund instantly.

No more cash filled envelopes at Birthday’s or Bar Mitzvahs.

Instead your loved ones can take an active part investing in your child’s future.

Securing The Future of Our Kids

Once and for all… let’s give our kids the future they deserve!
No more student loans!
No more begging for free grants!
Just family, friends and celebration!

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