Debt-Free Education for All!

What is Sootchy?

Sootchy is on a mission to eradicate student loan debt. We do this by making it easy to start a 529 College Savings Account with our app.

Welcome to Our App

Be part of the movement toward debt-free education by downloading our app.

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Give the Gift of Education

After you’ve opened your 529 Account on Sootchy, invite family and friends to contribute as well with our Gifting feature.

Forget About Loans!

Sootchy started with the idea that our children could enjoy higher education, without the crippling debt that comes with student loans.
So we combined AI enhanced financial planning, the power of community and tax efficient incentives to remove the need for student loans.

How Sootchy Works

529 Investment Account
A tax-advantaged savings plan sponsored by a state
Involve Friends & Family
Family and friends can donate to your child’s fund instantly
Enjoy Tax-Free Growth
Your Investments in the plan grow tax-free
Debt-Free Future
No more loan repayments,
No more bad credit
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Sootchy College Savings Checklist

When planning for college, there are a lot of ways you can make the transition easier on yourself. Sootchy has put together some of our top suggestions that can help you make smart financial choices and set yourself up for success!

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